Single use pen needles

Risks of multiple use

Multiple use of the pen needle can lead to the following risks:

  • The needle is already somewhat blunted after single use, the lubricant film can show signs of wear and the tip of the needle can be deformed:
    - Injections become more painful.
    - This can lead to small injuries or bruising.
  • The pen needle is no longer sterile after initial use:
    - Re-use is not hygienic.
    - Increased risk of infections.
  • Insulin can crystallise in the pen needle:
    - The pen needle may become clogged and a safe insulin injection is therefore no longer
    - This can lead to dosage errors and unexpectedly high blood glucose levels.
  • Presence or increase in size of air bubbles in the cartridge:
    - Insulin may drip out of pen needle (during storage).
    - Insulin dose becomes inaccurate.
New pen needle
Needle after multiple use
Needle after multiple use with tissue residue attached in part