Suitable injection sites

Insulin is not absorbed at the same speed at all sites

  • Abdomen and thighs are the most common injection sites.
  • Injection sites on the abdomen allow rapid insulin absorption.
  • Injection sites on the thighs and buttocks allow slow insulin absorption.
  • The effect of analog insulins is less dependent on the injection site.
  • Follow the recommendations given by your healthcare professional.
  • Upper arms as injection sites: injections into the upper arms should only be performed after training with the diabetes advisor. The reason being, there is a higher risk of injecting into muscle as the subcutaneous fatty tissue is very thin and the injection sites are not easily accessible.

Rotation principle for injection sites – Avoiding lipohypertrophy (tissue hardening)

  • Change the injection site after every injection (rotation principle).
  • The injection sites should be at least 3 cm away from the navel and apart from each other to avoid frequent injections into so-called "favourite sites" and thus leading to tissue hardening (lipohypertrophy).

Examples for the rotation principle

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3