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Clickfine pen needle compatibility

Every Clickfine pen needle, regardless of cannula length or gauge, is designed for a universal fit and clicks-on all compatible injection pens as listed below. If you can't find your pen, please contact us.

Simply clicks on the following compatible injection pens:

Insulin pens

AstraZeneca Ltd.
Byetta®Pen 5mcg
Byetta®Pen 5mcg


Byetta®Pen 10mcg
Byetta®Pen 10mcg


SymlinPen® 60mcg
SymlinPen® 60mcg


SymlinPen® 120mcg
SymlinPen® 120mcg


Eli Lilly and Company
KwikPen® Basaglar®


Humalog® U100 KwikPen®
Humalog® Mix 50/50 KwikPen®
Humalog® Mix 75/25 KwikPen®


Humalog® U200 KwikPen®


Humulin® N KwikPen®
Humulin 70/30® KwikPen®


Humulin® R U-500 KwikPen®


HumaPen® Luxura HD
HumaPen® Luxura HD


Novo Nordisk A/S
Levemir® FlexPen®
Levemir® FlexPen®
NovoLog® FlexPen®
NovoLog® Mix 70/30 FlexPen®


Levemir® FlexTouch®


Victoza® Pen


NovoPen® 4


NovoPen® Echo


NovoPen® Junior




FlexTouch® Tresiba U-100


FlexTouch® Tresiba U-200


FlexTouch® Fiasp®
Owen Mumford, Inc.
Autopen® Classic


Autopen® 24


Adlyxin™ Pen
Adlyxin™ Pen


Apidra® SoloStar®
Apidra® SoloStar®


Lantus® SoloStar®


Toujeo® SoloStar®


Admelog® SoloStar®


Soliqua 100/33 SoloStar®


ISO 11608-2:2012

Clickfine pen needles are tested according to ISO 11608-2:2012; they are fully functional when used with the injection pens listed in this list or on the pen needle box.

All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Follow your pen instructions for use before using these pen needles.