More comfort with the perfect tip.

Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle

Discover your pen needle

Even smoother injection thanks to innovation and precision

  • High precision 6-bevel needle tip
  • Cannula with superfine and premium polished needle tips

Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle has considerably improved penetration and gliding characteristics. Penetration tests show reduced penetration and gliding force (F1 and F2) for the Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle (green line) compared to a competitor pen needle (grey line). All needle sizes of Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle (4mm, 6mm and 8mm) show comparable characteristics.2

Experience reliable comfort

Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle

Top quality medical cannula with thin wall technology enables easy and optimal flux of medication.

Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle

Special silicone surface treatment enables constant gliding characteristics and smooth penetration.

Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle

Patented Universal Click technology, clicks-on all compatible injection pens for quick and easy needle change as indicated¹. Audible "click" confirms that the needle is securely in place.

Clickfine 6-bevel pen needle 4mm

External protective cap with a good grip. Free tear-off tab allows the sealing foil to be removed quickly and easily.

See pen needle box or pen needle list.
2 Technical Report, data on file at Ypsomed, 2015.

Easy handling for everyone on the go

Unique usability features.

Äußere Schutzkappe

Outer protective cap


Sealing foil

Inner protective cap


Needle hub


  • Needle hub with viewing windows for additional optical control
  • Easy-to-remove inner protective cap
  • Outer protective cap with good grip
  • Free tear-off tab allows the sealing foil to be removed quickly