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Indications for use

The pen needle is intended for use with pen injector devices for subcutaneous injection of fluids, including insulin and exenatide.

1. Remove pen needle seal.

2. Click pen needle onto pen, by pressing straight down using the outer pro­tective cap.

3. Do not click on at an angle. Note: The pen needle can also be twisted on; a secure fit is ensured even if there is no noticeable stop.

4. Remove the outer protective cap by pulling it straight off; save it.

5. Remove the inner protective cap.

6. Penetrate skin quickly and inject slowly according to the instructions of your physician and/or health care professional and of the injection pen manufacturer. Do not change the direction of the pen needle during insertion into or withdrawl from the skin.

7. Carefully replace the outer protective cap (if self-injecting only).

8. Unscrew the pen needle and safely dispose it to avoid pricking yourself or other persons. Follow your physician’s and/or health care professional’s advice for proper disposal in your area.